You are ready to be rich and ridiculous. You are ready for the universe to bend in YOUR favor. You are ready to call in miracles. You are ready to fully embody the high level YOU.


Rich + Ridiculous Rules

Being rich and ridiculous is a way of life.

It's how you carry yourself.

It's the investments you make (in education but also in smoothies, duh).

It's your standard of excellence.

It's your energy, vibration, frequency.

It's your positive expectancy.


The rules of being rich and ridiculous are simple. You decide you're fucking rich and you also decide you're going to be the ridiculous ass boujee b* that you know you are. 

And the rich and ridiculous? They invest their time, energy, resources, money, etc into making this leveled up lifestyle a PRIORITY.

Lots will venture, few will actually take the leap.

Now is your time to make a bold move.

I work with high level achievers who are boujee AF and ready to step into that now.

Not in 6 months, not next round, not in 5 years. NOW.

We aren't playing around at Team MJ and I suggest you to not play around either.

Because face it, how much longer can you afford doing this all on your own?

Working with me is being in a container of energetic expansion, manifestation magic and quantum growth. Pretty fucking magical! Pretty magnetic. 

We have weekly coaching sessions to help you shift, release and up level with shadow work, action steps and energetics.

High level achievers don't say next round, next time, maybe later. They have shit to do and a world to change. Those are the people I work with! Women ready to LEAP in every area of life. This and that, not this or that.

If (& ONLY IF!) this is you, I encourage you to apply for my Unboxing Boujee 1:1 program. If you don't fit this description, that's ok! My courses will likely be a better fit.

1:1 coaching is next level. It's hyper focused. It's consciousness expanding. You need to be ready for that NOW.

Do it for you. Do it for your higher self. Do it for your vision. Do it if it's a fuck yes.

The application is to make sure we're a good fit together! In aligning your vision to the type of work I do with clients. xx

**only apply if you are SERIOUS about leveling up and moving forward with this now**

Unboxing Boujee Application