Hear Sav's experience in the program!

"This is really truly something I don't think that you'll find anywhere else. So if you're thinking about joining, definitely do it!"


+ You're not quite sure what the whole "energetic match" situation is about. You understand frequency and vibration, but how do you use them in your life??  

+ You overthink EVERYTHING. Questioning all your decisions, things you said, things you should have said. It's like a battle field in your head of indecision. 

+ You know about manifestation but are stuck in the "how" too much. You're just not sure where to start. 

+ You are identifying limiting beliefs but confused how to FULLY clear them, like for good!!

+ You have massive clarity around your life. You KNOW what you desire. But you lowkey feel like it's not possible. 

+ Confidence is what you're lacking. You want to be that girl who lights up every room she walks into.

+ You're itching to be SEEN. To be heard and understood. But you're afraid of being questioned so you keep playing safe.

Hear Hahne's experience!

"I think it was really crucial for me to do it, even though I was scared. Because I learned so much about myself and what I'm capable of and what can happen when you really align yourself with your goals and what you want to call in."


+ You're in control of your life and your future. You decide what you want, who you want to be, and how everything is going to turn out.

+ You're traveling the world, first class, in style, sipping your champagne while journaling in your Louis Vuitton agenda

+ You're in control of your finances, your relationships, and your stress levels! No longer do stressful days take over your life.

+ You have a consistent luxurious daily practice that gets you feeling like a spiritual queen each day!

+ You're empowered to create the life of your dreams. Not only that but you're held ACCOUNTABLE for making shit happen. 

+ You're stepping into your power, asking for raises, starting businesses, writing books, maybe speaking on stage.

+ You can manifest anything in a short period of time, practically at the snap of your fingers.

+ You have a group of BFFs to talk magic with and a mentor to call you out on your BS!

+ You feel motivated to get your shit together and be an overall happier person! You have clarity for the first time in your life and you're ready to make things happen.

"The part I love the most about the MMM method was how it was group work. I loved the idea of coming together during our weekly meetings and sharing. It was amazing to have a group of like-minded people to talk about our goals, our highs, and our struggles. I love how there's no bullshit with Mikayla, she'll always push you to be more even when you don't think there's a way. She provided the best information and tools to up-level your mindset and life. While working with her my life vision completely changed. I always knew I wanted to live an expansive life, but having a her as a coach kept that vision on my mind constantly. Since working with Mikayla I can say that I have a much better routine for my mornings, which is NECESSARY for thriving in my opinion. I have manifested multiple flight upgrades, a luxury handbag, travel, and have stepped up in my career. Love her, love the program, love the community she creates, 10/10 program!"

Livia Rezende


The ultimate course for boujee babes, influencers, freedom-lifestyle chasers and high-level goal setters who are ready to decide the dream life is attainable. If this is you, you’re ready to change your mindset for success, find your own magic, learn to manifest with ease, have the universe work for you while you drink your Starbucks, create bigger influence in your life and others’ lives and call in massive abundance easily.  

The Mindset Magic & Manifestation Method course is your go-to for a 16-week life transformation. If you desire a life of MORE, a life of freedom and a life of luxury, it’s yours for the taking. You’re never given a single thought that isn’t meant for you. This is the path to take you to that lifestyle with the least resistance.


"I would absolutely recommend working with Mikayla on her MMM method! Her no bullshit and 'thinking big' attitude will have you dreaming, thinking and planning for bigger and better things for your life and together you will create actionable steps on how to get there! She has a super supportive and approachable manner but will highlight areas of your life in which you are limiting yourself where you may have been overlooking which was very helpful. Her workbooks help you to record and journal your experiences throughly to help you up level and create the business of your dreams but most importantly for me to help me work on myself and building up my self worth. The group calls with the other girls were super fun and helped create interesting discussions around each module. Mikayla offered many bonuses, tips and tricks in this program to really help you become your next level self in business and in your personal life using easy and understandable way modules so nothing felt too overwhemling. Any questions you had were answered really quickly in the secret facebook group and you never felt like you were doing the work alone. My belief in myself has definitely grown even after the course I use the material every week and keep doing the work which I'm super grateful for. I honestly feel big shifts and changes on the horizon for me so I will keep you posted!"

Melissa Chapman

These three elements are EXACTLY how I went from being a shit show to being in the front row. 

I've manifested everything from free college, free travel, free wardrobe upgrades to my dream apartment, a Tesla, being offered speaking engagements, $20k+ months and paid study abroad trips. All by using this 3-step process of mindset, magic, and manifestation. 

In high school, I was aboard the hot mess express. Attracting bad situation after another, being a self pronounced pessimist, and finding myself to be quite the drama queen. Not only that but my home life was a wreck and the LAST thing I did was love myself. 

It wasn't until I started traveling, spending time alone, and doing personal development that I turned my life around. I found myself happier than I had ever been, manifesting little things like free coffee, and attracting TONS of opportunities into my life. 

However, there were some missing pieces. I could unintentionally manifest things but I couldn't INTENTIONALLY manifest the big stuff. The fun, luxury stuff. What I realized was I had totally missed the first two steps - mindset and magic. 

When I figured that out is when I could manifest dream apartments, $20k+ months in my business, dream jobs, internships, more scholarships, more friends, and more travel. Tying these three together helped me create my DREAM college lifestyle. And now, I'm here to share the entire step-by-step blueprint with you. 


You’ll learn all my tips, tricks, hacks and tools needed to create a life full of happiness, travel, luxury, love and adventure. You’ll learn to use your mindset to get everything you want, put the heavy weight on the universe to take it off your shoulders and make manifestation easy AF.

Up leveling is going to become a weekly cycle in your life. You will be a new version of yourself week in and week out. Things will always get better and better, your rituals will become more and more self-indulgent and you’ll get more inspired to create more influence. All through the three elements of my program.

1. MINDSET. When you clear out limiting beliefs, old stories, and old energy - you invite in the space to manifest new things, create new boundaries, and rewrite new stories for yourself. 

2. MAGIC. Defining your magic gives you hope, security, and faith. It gives you something to believe in outside of yourself, a larger purpose, and a safety net of knowing that you're always being supported. With this, you can confidently step into the new version of YOU.

3. MANIFESTATION. Tie together mindset and magic then get manifestation as the result! This is where you truly create the life of your dreams and you have control over what goes on in your day-to-day life.


What you're learning:

+ How the MMM Method works, creating your next level self and pushing through the BS from your ego

+ Defining your magic, feeling supported and how you want to be supported, using oracle cards for answers

+ Four-step manifestation process, law of correspondence training, raising your vibration  


What you're learning:

90-minute training on dreaming big, releasing resistance, own your mindset to create your reality, kick your lack mindset, giving yourself permission and money hacks for calling in my $5k months (now $20k+ months!)


"Truly MAGICAL!!! Each module has powerful, purposeful, thought provoking steps and the coaching calls are a MUST! Some weeks I felt like I wouldn't have much to contribute on the call (because of my own limits) but Mikayla is sooo insightful. She knew exactly what questions to ask and ideas to suggest that helped me with the breakthroughs I needed to let my manifestations flow freely and I learned from the other members as well! The MMM Method modules allowed me to begin dreaming "like a kid" again so be prepared to let all the creativity, excitement and passion enter back into your life too! It was definitely worth investing in myself! The BONUS is that this is the gift that KEEPS on giving.. because I can work back through the modules if/ when I begin to fall back into old patterns, feel stuck or it's time to set new goals!! Make your dreams come true like I am! Happy manifesting!"

Kimberly Standen

"One thing I loved about the MMM Method was that it had me seeing my life in a different light. I no longer ignored all the great things that were happening to me and I started to recognize all these small manifestations which made me feel more confident in my ability to manifest even bigger things. This program held me accountable for doing the work, making the changes, and acknowledging the results. Working with Mikayla, no matter what the program/class/topic, I feel excited about my future and at peace with my past. Since working with her, I have completely changed my life from what was expected of me to one that has me enthusiastic about waking up every morning. I have created my own business, brought renewed health to my pet kitty, and transformed my debilitating fear of riding in cars into a summer of road trips!"

Hannah Whittaker


+ Luxurious rituals, daily practice, journal prompts and more for daily mindset shifts

+ Using magical tools like astrology, chakras, crystals and pure faith to make unreasonable goals to come through EVERY time

+ Moon magic with rituals, feminine and masculine phases for action and rest, tapping into that energy to bring about your desires

+ Quantum manifestation to collapse the time between now and your mega-success, easily

"I absolutely loved working with Mikayla! My first experience was in the Bahamas and if you haven’t been on one of her retreats - YOU MUST GO!! Seriously a game changer. There is nothing better than being secluded with a couple girlfriends and connecting to your mind, body, and soul in such a peaceful location! I, also, took her signature course and was absolutely blown away by the amount of training she offered!! The price is extremely reasonable, too! I chose the VIP option and joined her on the retreat in Cancun which was also such an amazing experience! We went snorkeling, had our own private island, ate amazing food, and stayed at the Ritz!! Talk about magical!! If you’ve ever been thinking about working with Mikayla, stop everything you are doing and JUST DO IT! Your life will 110% be changed for the better!!"

Kim Rohrbacher


Each week you get new workbooks, meditations and content! Each module is three weeks long. We go through the Mindset Magic & Manifestation process four times!


+ Picking apart your deepest limiting beliefs

+ Writing new stories for yourself

+ Forgiveness and how to move forward

+ Defining your magic 

+ Law of Attraction and manifestation basics

+ What does physics have to do with it? 


+ Shifting into positivity daily 

+ How to create EFFECTIVE affirmations

+ Writing rules for your life

+ Divination/ magical tools 

+ Four-step, no fail manifestation process

+ The micro-biome and manifestation


+ Creating your next level vision, how to go bigger

+ How to manifest with moon to get everything you want 

+ Quantum manifestation, what it is, my best techniques to do it 

+ Quantum physics on crack lol. Basically quantum manifesting 2.0


+ Confidence crash course

+ Self love and manifestation 

+ Everything you need to know about manifesting with chakras 

+ Crystals 101 

+ Using the universal laws to live your best life

+ Quantum healing and DNA re-coding

"Working with Mikayla has been such a great experience. She's giving me journal prompts that help me realize subconscious beliefs I didn't even know were there, and her coaching is helping me unleash my full potential, ultimately allowing me to step into my next level luxe life. I've already achieved so much, made more money, and overall just killing it at life... and it's only up from here!"

Krista Kornchuk


Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re happy for weeks on end, being able to brush off the little things, having an overflow of positivity, manifesting handbags, money, cars, boyfriends, friends, businesses, whatever you desire, more motivation, more balance. Imagine how magical life will be when you’re in sync with the moon, making manifesting so much easier.

Imagine how in flow you’ll be with a daily bath ritual, journal questions to have you showing up brighter and with more influence, a solution-based mindset. These are all energetic STANDARDS that come with this program. When you join, you’re elevated into this energy. I give you the tools and the vibes, you do your work and receive. It’s that simple.

Client manifestations!

Peek inside our secret MMM Method Facebook group and see all the WINS!

"The MMM program changed my life! I was struggling with depression and feeling confused about my life's path and purpose. Over the course of several months taking Mikayla's course, I drastically changed my mindset, moved away from bad habits, and ended up landing my dream job and moving across the country to my dream city! I'm so much happier with myself and absolutely loved the whole process. I feel like I learned so much about manifestation but also about myself. All the guides Mikayla has really do help you get honest and raw with yourself and about your goals. Definitely worth every penny I spent on this course. I am now living my dream life and credit a lot of my self growth and recent accomplishments to this course. Mikayla rocks!"

Arianne Siegel


What you're learning:

+ The MMM Method for goal setting, reflection to up level, goal setting and hacks for successful manifestations

+ Work through your money story, become BFFs with money, money manifesting and money mindset



What you're getting:

+ The Practical Magic workbook to make manifestations feel grounded AF

+ The Monthly Reflections workbook to spend time looking back on the last month to quantum leap forward the next month




You get one new module every single week with a mediation, workbooks and mini trainings! Everything you need to walk you through your transformation, with lifetime access!


Inside your dashboard, you get access to a Q&A thread for any support you need! I will answer these with voice notes and videos like mini trainings!


When you go the Platinum route for the program, you're getting monthly bonus calls with me AND unlimited Voxer voice-note / text access to me! 


What you're learning:

+ How to put together a daily ritual that ties in your mind, body, spirit and energy to perform at a high level 

+ My exact formula for finding what inspired action to take

+ Daily money habits to implement to maximize your finances

+ COMING SOON: Bath rituals 101 



What you're learning:

+ How to navigate through up leveling pains

+ How to pass every test from the universe

+ Turn any bad day into just a shitty five minutes instead 



+ You're in control of your life and your future. You decide what you want, who you want to be, and how everything is going to turn out.

+ You're traveling the world, first class, in style, sipping your champagne while journaling in your Louis Vuitton agenda

+ You're in control of your finances, your relationships, and your stress levels! No longer do stressful days take over your life.

+ You have a consistent luxurious daily practice that gets you feeling like a spiritual queen each day!

+ You're empowered to create the life of your dreams. Not only that but you're held ACCOUNTABLE for making shit happen. 

+ You're stepping into your power, asking for raises, starting businesses, writing books, maybe speaking on stage.

+ You can manifest anything in a short period of time, practically at the snap of your fingers.

+ You have a group of BFFs to talk magic with and a mentor to call you out on your BS!

+ You feel motivated to get your shit together and be an overall happier person! You have clarity for the first time in your life and you're ready to make things happen.


Throwback to high school when I was a TOTAL pessimist, I was honestly miserable. I was thoroughly unhappy and don't wish that upon ANYONE. 

You deserve a life of love, happiness, abundance, and freedom of choice. Finding manifestation and going through my personal development has been the most rewarding process of my life. 

I feel SO STRONGLY about this because I don't want anyone to feel the level of negativity and despair that I felt at one point. Our normal should be smiles all around, YSL bags, first class plane tickets, and brunch with our besties anywhere in the world. 

Unlock the secrets of mindset, magic, and manifestation and you unlock the secrets of life. Of love. Of abundance. Of pure happiness. 

So, I'm inviting you to make that decision. There's never a perfect time, there's just divine timing. This is YOUR divine timing. There's a reason you're reading this right now. You deserve everything I've listed. Are you going to accept it?

Mikayla Jai


With the group experience, you get: 16 modules, bi-weekly group Q&A calls, lifetime updates and hours of bonuses.




This extended plan is 12 bi-weekly payments of $250! Includes everything listed above.





This plan is $555 per month for 5 months! Includes everything listed above. 





 This plan is one payment of $2500 and includes everything listed above.



With the high level 1:1 experience, you get: everything from the self study experience, monthly 1:1 calls with Mikayla, and access to the VIP-only group chat for daily support.




This plan is 8 bi-weekly payments of $1333! Includes everything listed above. 





This plan is $2500 per month for 4 months! Includes everything listed above.





This is is $9999 paid in full! Includes everything listed above. 



Q: Soo I’m signing up!! What happens next?

A: You’ll receive an email from Team MJ with information on how to join the FB group! You’ll have immediate access to the $2200 worth of bonuses to dig into!! PLUS, you’ll start to feel expanded and transformed as soon as you confirm your sign up.  


Q: Is this course only for business owners or influencers?
A: NO! This course for any babe who is ready to upgrade her mindset and manifest easily. You can manifest raises in corporate America just as easily as you can manifest clients in your own business. I’m giving you the tools and tips to create the LIFE of your dreams, apply it to business or don’t! Up to you.


Q: When does the course start?

A: As soon as you sign up! The first module will be available immediately with a video training, workbooks and a meditation. 


Q: How long do I have access to the modules?

A: Forever and ever!! You have access to all updates, changes and add-ons for life.


Q: Do you give refunds?

A: Due to the nature of the course and Mikayla’s work, we do not administer refunds at this time.


Q: Is this for me if I’ve already been studying personal development for a while now?
A: Of course! Mikayla firmly believes you can always learn more and stretch yourself further, which is exactly why she still takes courses and always has a coach. You’ll be learning the specific Mindset Magic & Manifestation Method that is not taught anywhere else.


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