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Hi angels!


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After a life-changing, identity-altering trip to France in 2017...

I started to study everything intentional under the moon. Positivity, the subconscious, mindset, personal growth, magic, spirituality, cosmology, quantum physics, manifestation, ALL THE THINGS.

It took me 9 MONTHS to figure it tf out. 

When I did, I woke up one day and said holy shit… My entire life is changed. I have to teach people how to do this.

"I left each session with a clear vision, homework to implement to start reaching my goals, and feeling super high vibe. The calls felt like I was chatting with a bestie, giving life updates, etc. Except with actual steps to take towards manifesting my dream life. I already signed up for your next course and can't wait for it to start!"

Sami, VIP client

"I would absolutely recommend working with Mikayla! Her no bullshit and 'thinking big' attitude will have you dreaming, thinking and planning for bigger and better things for your life and together you will create actionable steps on how to get there! She has a super supportive and approachable manner but will highlight areas of your life in which you are limiting yourself where you may have been overlooking which was very helpful."

Melissa, MMM Method student
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